As a judge, Panter was frequently requested to resolve cases and had one of the highest settlement rates.
As a mediator, Panter continues his high success rate in resolving cases,
including numerous seven and eight figure settlements.

As a trial lawyer, The Jury Verdict Reporter has published summaries of more than 60 civil jury verdicts and negotiated settlements handled by Panter while he was in private practice, including:

  • Late notice coverage trial followed by settlement;
  • Defended federal court piercing-the-corporate veil case reviewed by 7th Circuit;
  • Trial of covenant-not-to-compete resulting in injunction and enforcement;
  • Defended salesman sued for breach of contract involving commissions;
  • Participated in prosecution of federal class action lawsuit;
  • $5.3 million verdict for a worker killed when a crane collapsed at a construction site;
  • $2.4 million settlement for delayed cancer diagnosis resulting in death of an elderly patient;
  • $1 million policy limit settlement for a carnival worker whose legs were mangled by a ride that lacked safety interlocks on the service door;
  • $2.5 million verdict for patient's death resulting from undiagnosed post-op pulmonary embolism;
  • $2 million settlement for motorist who suffered multiple fractures in head-on collision after plaintiff crossed into defendant's lane, trying to avoid oncoming defendant;
  • $1 million settlement for the suicide of a mentally ill patient following psychiatric admission;
  • $247,561 verdict for a CTA bus passenger who developed carpal tunnel syndrome due to an abrupt stop - opposing counsel is now an appellate court justice;

  • $1 million settlement for loss of a baby's arm below the elbow due to physician's failure to recognize vascular compromise and thrombosis after an IV line was inserted;
  • $1 million settlement for death of an elderly patient who suffered an anaphylactic reaction to IVP dye injected by a technician;
  • $2 million settlement for brain damage sustained by plaintiff, who was learning an emergency ascent procedure during a scuba diving class conducted by defendants;
  • Record legal malpractice verdict in a tender offer case upheld after two appeals;
  • $1.5 million verdict secured in a 1-day legal malpractice trial conducted before Judge William Maddux;
  • $750,000 settlement in product liability action after child lost an eye to a spring-launched toy airplane;
  • $1.1 million settlement for the family of a teen patient who committed suicide;
  • $280,600 verdict for plaintiff who slipped/fell on wet tile floor inappropriate for vestibule of a grocery store;
  • Record settlement for minor plaintiff who developed cognitive deficits from ingestion of lead paint at defendant's premises;
  • $350,000 verdict for patient incorrectly told he was HIV-positive by defendant - upheld after two appellate court opinions;
  • $1 million policy limit settlement for two plaintiffs whose motorcycle was rear-ended while riding to Venetian Night;